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My name is Andrew Frezza, and my brother and I started CrossFit Palm Beach in December of 2012.  Over the last 4+ years, we have successfully grown our business to over 300 members and $500,000 in annual revenues and are on pace to surpass $600,000 in 2017.  While we are still on our way to becoming a Seven Figure box ourselves, we have created a business for ourselves that we truly love being a part of and working on each day, and are no longer a slave to.

Over the last year especially, we have heard from our members who have dropped in to other boxes, and drop-ins from all across the world that keep telling us over and over again that “you have something special here” and “you need to start sharing and teaching this to others”.

Here are just a few of the 150+ 5-Star reviews we have received on Facebook:



If you are looking to take your box to the next level, I can help.  Here are just a few of the lessons we will cover through our 1-on-1 business coaching program, and how we can start building the box of your dreams.

  • How to create a clear vision for your business and start taking the steps immediately to make that vision a reality.
  • How to design your perfect day and begin living aspects of it right away
  • How to get clarity in your business by deciding which of your million to-dos are worth your time, and eliminating or delegating the rest. Plus, I’ll provide the direction and accountability to actually get those most important tasks done.
  • How to create a culture in your box that you truly love and look forward to being a part of each day, and turn your members and drop ins into raving fans
  • How to develop your current coaches into Rockstar coaches so you can confidently delegate more coaching hours
  • How to create consistency between your coaches so every member is getting the same amazing product and your coaches feel like a team rather than a group of individuals
  • How to provide career opportunities for your coaches so you retain your Rockstar coaches long-term and attract the best coaches from your local area
  • How to create systems and accountability for your team to provide clarity and get more done
  • How to work only in the areas of your business that you truly love and don’t feel like work to you
  • How to add new members and sharing ways we’ve added over 40 new members in a single month
  • How to increase your conversions and generate more sales as well as training your employees to be better at sales too
  • How to provide opportunities for your competitive athletes without spreading yourself thin or segmenting your community
  • How to add additional revenue streams from things like personal training, retail sales, kids or bootcamp classes, and/or nutrition
  • How to begin selling retail in your box and how to generate over $5000/month in retail sales
  • How to think about upgrading your box, purchasing equipment, and what things are worth the money
  • How to design in-house competitions to generate revenue and strengthen your community
  • How to save thousands of dollars per year on credit card fees
  • What to look for when hiring new employees
  • How to run great meetings that bring your team closer together
  • How to implement and execute tactical ideas like the committed club, PR postcards, Refer-a-friend bonuses that will strengthen your community and bring in new members
  • How to start a gym podcast or produce regular blog and social media content with ease
  • And a whole lot more…

If you are struggling with your affiliate business, or doing well but want to take things to the next level, I can help.  Let’s hop on a free 30-60 minute phone call and get some momentum back in your business.  It’s my goal to provide you with value in our first free phone call that you can use right away, whether or not you pursue the business coaching beyond our call.

If you do choose to pursue monthly business coaching, here is what I provide:

  • Weekly (4X/month) 45-60 minute phone/skype calls with you and your business partners
  • Unlimited email correspondence throughout the week
  • Access to all of our systems, waivers, and contracts that we use at CFPB
  • Access to our Rockstar Coaching Course videos for coach’s development, as well as the full course once it is released

The full 1-on-1 coaching program listed above is $799 per month, with a minimum 3-month commitment.  This provides maximum accountability and makes sure that your business is moving forward on a weekly basis.

For those that can’t budget for the full package, I also offer a leaner package at $499 per month, still with a minimum 3-month commitment.  It includes everything listed above, but we will do phone/skype calls every other week (2X/month) instead of the typical weekly calls.  This package can be just as effective as the full package, but requires you to be fully prepared going into each phone call so we can truly maximize the hour that we have together.


To schedule your free business coaching call, click on the link below, and schedule a time with me.

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I look forward to working with you!

-Andrew Frezza

Co-Owner of CrossFit Palm Beach and Founder of Seven Figure Box