076 – Increasing Retention Through Attendance Milestones

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I’m constantly asked what we do to recognize and retain veteran members who have stuck with us over months and years.  In addition to things like the committed club, sending out handwritten postcards, and running consistent seminars and events, one cool thing we added last year is to recognize our members when they hit specific career attendance milestones.
At the end of every month, we recognize every member that has surpassed 100, 300, 500, 750, and 1000 career classes at CFPB.  Each level has a corresponding rubber bracelet and postcard that is sent to the member, that represents one of our core values of our gym.
The idea came from a podcast I heard with Michael Cazayoux of Brute Strength, who mentioned that “people don’t usually quit your gym or service because they are unhappy, they usually quit because they don’t know what’s next.”
We love the rubber bracelet idea because it allows people to aim for future attendance milestones, while focusing the majority of their energy on the simple act of showing up consistently.
In this episode, Tony and I share our rubber bracelet retention system, from how we operate it on the back-end, to examples of the actual bracelets and postcards we use.
Watch the full video and download the postcards below:

First card given out at the start of their membership:
100 Visit Card:

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