Ep 086 – Solving Problems and Delegating

By January 3, 2020 No Comments
As gym owners, a lot of us have been sold the idea that we can build our business to run itself, and we will never have to step in and handle minor day-to-day issues.
But even 7 years in to running our gym, I still find myself plugging holes in various areas a couple times each month.  Just a couple days ago, I covered our childcare room for a couple hours, since our attendant for that day had to go home sick.  I’ve learned to be okay with these moments, and often find a way to enjoy them and the perspective I gain from being thrown back “in” to the business.
If you find that plugging holes is becoming a recurring pattern though, it may be time to take a step back and attack the problem at its root cause.
This episode shares some short examples of when it might be okay to step in as a utility player in your business, and when you will be better off solving the underlying issue, and delegating that solution to someone on your team.
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