130 – How to Create Content That Lasts

By November 13, 2020 No Comments


We’ve all heard it a million times that we need to be creating more content.


But most gym owners and coaches are already spending time creating content (even if it’s as simple as an occasional Facebook post or Instagram story) and dedicating more time to content can often feel like it’s coming at the expense of other more important tasks.


By bringing more intention and strategy to your content though, you have the ability to transform your content from being seen for a day or two, to being utilized as a piece of your brand for years on end.


And instead of people seeing your content and feeling good for a moment, you can use your content to build a relationship with your client, and eventually convert that into a sale.


This episode discusses which pieces of content have the best lifespan, and how you can build a supporting strategy around your content, to make sure that every piece of content is providing a positive return for you and the business.


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