174 – Coaching and Living in Alignment with Pat Barber

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Pat Barber is a former CrossFit Games competitor and gym owner, and currently owns Warm Up and Workout, a programming and lesson plan company for CrossFit Affiliates.  He is also a CrossFit Level 4 Coach and continues to work as part of CrossFit Seminar Staff.

Pat’s desire to help people and live a values-based life is something that I believe all coaches and gym owners should aspire to.  Pat has left previous positions because it didn’t align with his values, and he currently optimizes his work and life to maximize the amount of time he gets to spend with his wife and kids.

In this episode, we discuss why the soft skills of coaching are so important, and how coaches can start to develop those skills.  We talk about his views on CrossFit programming, and what he would change about CrossFit’s certifications in order to make them better.

For the full episode, click here:—Coaching-and-Living-in-Alignment-with-Pat-Barber-e12ts78


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