A Quick and Easy Social Media Idea that Scales

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If you guys are looking for more high quality content ideas for your social media pages, this is an idea that I stole and modified from CrossFit New England, and is a great way to have your coaches help contribute content to your social media pages.  It also has the side benefit of getting your members and coaches constantly thinking and hearing about your core values on a regular basis.

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING Gabe U is one of the best examples of that at Crossfit Palm Beach. Coaches are never surprised when Gabe comes in the gym, already clapping and cheering as the previous class finishes their workout. He puts a smile on everyone’s face and never leaves without giving high fives and fist ?bumps? to everyone in the gym. He’s always “ready to go!”, willing to learn, and we are so happy he is a part of our community. This #attiTUESDAY is dedicated to Gabe and the positivity he brings every day. Click the link in our bio to schedule your free no sweat ? intro today! #crossfit #crossfitpalmbeach #cfpb #fitness #justshowup #community #tequesta #jupiter #hobesound #palmbeach #jupiterfl

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Here’s what to do:

Have each coach write a few nice sentences about a member that they coach on a regular basis.  Post that quote with the picture of the member working out and you have a great social media post.  If you have 5 coaches on your staff, then you just created 5 weeks of content where you can post one of these each week.

You can do this with your staff at the end of your next coach’s meeting, and the content can be handed right over to your social media person to be added to the posting calendar.  I would suggest doing this once a month, so it becomes a routine part of your meetings and ongoing content strategy.

Here are a few other suggestions to make this great, which you should pass along to your coaches:

  • Feature members who don’t typically show up in your social media pages. Stay away from previous athletes of the month, or people you regularly showcase hitting PRs, doing competitions, etc.  Try to focus on newer members in their first 6 months, since those are the people your prospective audience will most likely be able to relate to.
  • Show how this person exemplifies a core value of your gym. I recommend using the first or last sentence of the post to state which core value this person regularly exemplifies.
  • Share at least one personal anecdote about the member that will help others get to know them. It could be what they do for work, that they’re a mom, one of their goals, etc.

Below is a couple more examples of what this could look like:

**MEMBER CRUSH MONDAY** Here’s what Coach Zach has to say about Soraya: “Soraya L is an example of what functional fitness can do for someone when you buy In and commit to the process. She never misses a workout, she is always 5-10 minutes early, and she gives 100% on every workout. So We are not surprised that in just half a year, Soraya has completely transformed herself! Not only does she look absolutely amazing; but she has become an emotional leader among every group she trains with at the gym. You will never see her without a smile on her face and encouraging words coming out of her mouth! Beautiful inside and out; Soraya is the perfect model for all of our Core Values at Crossfit Palm Beach.” @cellblock.z @sorayapapayaaa ————————————————————————Click the link in the bio to schedule your free No Sweat Intro. #beachfit #itsnotonthebeach ##cfpb #jupiter #tequesta #hobesound #palmbeach #jupiterfl #fitness #justshowup

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