Ep 034 – Should You Build Your Business for Yourself or for Others

By February 1, 2019 No Comments

If you want to create a gym that fuels you long-term, and allows you to push through when times get tough, then I believe your gym needs to be built for yourself first and foremost.

If you love taking classes at your gym, hanging out before and after class, and taking part in your community events, then there’s a high likelihood that others will feel the same way about your business.

Rather than building your gym around some imaginary avatar, why not create a product that you love first. You guarantee that there’s at least one customer that loves your product, and you can evolve your services and experience over time because you have such a deep connection to what your members experience every day.

This episode covers how to align more of your passions with your gym, while still creating a product that other people who aren’t like you can enjoy and appreciate.

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