Ep 038 – What’s an Hour of Your Time Worth?

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One of the things that has helped me level up as a coach and gym owner, is performing a time audit on my current schedule. By evaluating where I am spending my time and how valuable that time is being spent, I can make sure that I continue to progress personally and professionally with each week, month, and year that passes.

But valuing your time can’t always be done from a purely financial perspective, you need to look at the impact of those hours on your productivity, energy, happiness and fulfillment.

3 Questions that I love to ask myself when doing a time audit are:

1) Based on what I am currently spending my time on, what is an hour of my time worth? (Compute this as $$$$/hr)

2) With X activity, how many people can I positively impact with an hour of my time? (Compute this as people/hr)

3) How does this hour spent, positively or negatively impact the other 23 hours of my day or 160+ hours of my week? (This is more of a subjective measure of happiness, energy, productivity)

In our latest podcast episode, I dive into how I’ve applied this time audit into our business to become more productive and have a greater impact over the years.

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