Ep 039 – Charge What You’re Worth

By March 8, 2019 No Comments

We had an interesting conversation on our CrossFit Palm Beach Facebook page the other day, where a potential drop in was upset that we wanted to charge him to workout at our Friday Night Bar Fights event this evening. He felt like because he had already paid CrossFit to do the Open, that we shouldn’t also be charging him again to do the Open.

Our response was that we always charge for drop ins, whether that’s for a normal class or for a special event, and we keep it consistent across the board.

Long story short, he decided he doesn’t want to pay the drop-in fee and will be doing the Open at another local gym.

This encounter got me thinking about all the places where affiliate owners and coaches allow themselves to be taken advantage of, and don’t charge what they’re worth. We allow the vocal minority to convince us to devalue ourselves and our services, making us believe that we are being unfair or greedy.

We think by doing something for free that we are putting the best interest of our clients first, but really those are the people that lose out the most. By not charging for drop ins or Friday Night Lights, we aren’t able to provide the level of service or event that we know we are capable of. By not charging for skill sessions or extra programming, our clients don’t perform the work and don’t see the results. By not charging for nutrition services, people don’t follow through.

This episode covers why you need to charge what you’re worth, and when its right to listen to feedback and when to ignore it.

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