Ep 041 – Our Start to Finish Hiring Process

By March 22, 2019 No Comments

There’s a universal saying in business that we should hire SLOW and fire FAST. Yet, most CrossFit gyms (including us for many years) do the opposite, hiring FAST and firing SLOW.

We are quick to bring people on board to assist with a couple classes, and many times it’s simply the first person to raise their hands and show interest in joining our team. One day we wake up and this person is all of a sudden a part of our team, and we never made an intentional decision to hire them or not.

This episode covers how we have learned to slow down our hiring process over the years, and the exact step-by-step process we use to hire and on-board coaches today.

Here is a sample of our job posting that we used for a previous hire.  I highly recommend telling your story and being as detailed as possible in what you are looking for.

Link to CrossFit Palm Beach Hiring Post

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