Ep 043 – The Iron and Mortar Gym

By April 8, 2019 No Comments

In today’s episode, I sit down with Brenden and Ashley Loyer of the Iron and Mortar Summit and the Iron and Mortar Gym. In our first episode together (Ep 37), we discussed the Iron and Mortar Summit and how they created a premier event for CrossFit coaches and affiliate owners in just a few months.

This episode focuses primarily on how they utilized the knowledged gained in the Iron and Mortar Summit to open up their own gym, and their ups and downs along the way.

We cover:

Why they start every member with personal training first, and the benefits of doing this straight from Day 1.

Why you have to wholeheartedly believe in what you’re doing in order to be successful.

What unexpected obstacles they faced despite having so much knowledge prior to opening their doors.

Why sales is one of the most important skills you need to have as a coach or affiliate owner.

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