Ep 046 – Sales = Trust

By April 26, 2019 No Comments

In order for someone to buy from you, there are 4 areas they need to trust prior to them handing over their credit card. If their level of trust is below an 8/10 in any one of these categories, they likely won’t be purchasing anything that day.

The 4 areas that they need to trust are:

1) The Business – Do they trust your gym, the businesses’ track record, and that have their best interests in mind?

2) The Process – Do they trust the plan will work for them or has worked for others like them in the past?

3) You – Do they trust you as the person who can execute that plan and deliver them results?

4) Themselves – Do they believe they have what it takes to actually follow through with what’s being asked?

This episode covers everything you need to know in order to build trust with prospects and potential clients, and a simple exercise that you and your team can do to become better at selling.

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