Ep 049 – Becoming a Professional Coach

By May 20, 2019 No Comments

Even though CrossFit has seen tremendous growth and success over the last 10+ years, true career opportunities for coaches in our industry still seems to be few and far between. Most gyms don’t have the systems or funds in order to compensate coaches in a professional way, and most coaches aren’t willing to put in the work, if there’s no guarantee of a long term future.

At CrossFit Palm Beach, one of our primary goals is to offer career opportunities for our coaches, and to professionalize what it means to be a CrossFit coach. We’ve learned that it requires a mutual effort from both owners and coaches to put themselves out there, and to work together to forge a new path.

From the coaches standpoint, we need to decide to turn pro, long before the career opportunity gets thrown in our lap. Otherwise, we won’t have the mindset, skill set, and habits in place to take advantage of those opportunities when they show up.

This episode covers some of the key ways you can turn pro as a coach, so you can create a long-term career for yourself in this industry, and make a living doing what you love.

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