Ep 052 – Hall of Fame CrossFit Coaches

By June 7, 2019 No Comments

In sports, the defining characteristic of all hall of fame players is consistency. Lots of people can have a great day, a great season, or even a great couple years, but it’s the ability to do it over and over again for decades that makes someone truly great.

As a CrossFit coach, consistency is just as important. The best coaches may not be a 10 out of 10 on many days, but rarely, if ever, will you see a great coach fall below a 7 out of 10, even on their worst days.

As gym owners, we should be building our teams and our business around these reliable and dependable 7/10 coaches.

All it takes is one really negative experience for someone to quit your gym for good, and members are much more likely to be turned off from a really bad experience, then they are to stick around because they had a few great experiences.

This episode covers how we should be thinking about showing up each day as coaches, so we can facilitate the best possible class experience, and be a valuable part of our coaching teams. It was inspired by Ep 133 of the Active Life Podcast, which I highly recommend listening to as well.

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