Ep 061 – The Level Method with Nathan Holiday

By August 2, 2019 No Comments

Nathan Holiday is the owner of Level Method Gym in Lake Forest, California and the creator of the Level Method which is used by over 150 gyms across the world.

The Level Method is essentially a martial arts style color system, that coaches and members can use to accurately assess where they are today, and have a systematic approach to improving their fitness and attacking their weaknesses.

It’s a powerful tool for improving member retention, upselling to more services like personal training and programming, creating powerful moments in your community, and differentiating your gym from others in the industry.

In this episode, Nathan and I discuss the power of the Level Method and also dive into the business side of running both a CrossFit style gym while launching an online business.

We dive into his favorite resources and tools for productivity, which has become a necessary skill for him to thrive in both businesses.



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