Ep 063 – Should You Hire Part-Time Coaches?

By August 16, 2019 No Comments

Over the last few years at CrossFit Palm Beach, we have evolved our coaching staff where everyone on our team is now a full-time coach or working towards becoming one. We’ve noticed a huge benefit from having 100% of our coaching team fully invested and fully committed to CFPB and our members, and we’ve decided that those are the people we want to work alongside each day.

But every week, I still talk to gym owners that have several part-time coaches on staff, and I try to break down the advantages and disadvantages of having part-timers.

Part-time coaches can be a great asset to your business, we just need to be intentional about their role, and they need to be held to a clear standard, similar to what you hold yourself and your other full-time coaches to.

In this episode, I break down those 3 standards that all part-time coaches need to meet, in order for them to be a valuable asset to your gym. I also talk about how to start moving away from a part-time team, if you think your gym could benefit from having more full-timers on staff.

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