Ep 066 – How Leadership is Like Dating

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For many years at CrossFit Palm Beach, I felt like I was failing miserably as a leader. I wasn’t able to get my team to do things that I knew they were capable of, and even saw some good employees become entitled or become worse team members under my watch.

I’ve realized that leadership is a lot like dating, where you will likely have to go through a lot of bad relationships to eventually know how to create good ones. If you’ve ever been in a good relationship and then broken up, it’s likely because you and the other person lacked the maturity, communication, or relationship skill set, to make that relationship work in the long term. But there’s also a high likelihood that the other person wasn’t going to be your soulmate anyways, regardless of how mature or skilled you were, simply because they weren’t the right person.

As I’ve started to become more confident and more effective as a leader, I realize that the progression hasn’t been 100% due to the changes I’ve made to my personal approach or personal development. A large portion of my growth as a leader has come from being surrounded by great followers and great team players, that have taught me how to be a better leader.

In this episode I talk more about this concept of how leadership is like dating, and how you can be more patient and forgiving of yourself as you develop into the coach, business owner, and leader you want to be.

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