Ep 071 – Who are your Classes Designed for?

By September 25, 2019 No Comments

If we want to be able to engage and retain members for years, and not just a few months, it all starts with your daily class experience.

Your classes need to be designed in a way that keeps your veteran, ideal members engaged even after they reach a lot of their goals and have a good handle of the basic skills.

And when we talk about class experience, we’re not just talking about how you write your workouts.

It’s how you:

  • Write your lesson plans and class timelines
  • Teach skills or progressions
  • Present and communicate the workout at the whiteboard
  • Execute and dictate the pace of class

If all of this is designed with the veteran, ideal client in mind, then we are much more likely to create more veteran, ideal clients like them.

This episode breaks down how to think about who your classes are designed for so you can increase member retention and keep members engaged for years on end.

Watch this episode below:


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