Ep 072 – My First Business at Age 14 – Lessons Learned

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I was doing some reminiscing recently and remembered that the first “business” I ever started was back in middle school when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  I was burning custom CDs from songs I downloaded through Napster and Limewire, and selling them to friends, and friends of friends for $5 to $10 a pop.

While I never really set out to start a business, word of mouth spread quickly, and I went from selling 1 to 2 CDs per week, to selling 4-5 CDs per day in less than a month.  But after a couple weeks of late nights, a few disappointed customers, and little to no profit to show for it, I decided to close up shop.
Looking back on it now, I see many parallels between that business and many of the mistakes that I see most CrossFit gym owners make, myself included.  We created our gyms with a desire to help people, and create an experience that was better than everything else out there, but we don’t have the processes, the people, or the profit, to support our lofty goals.
In this episode I break down the mistakes I made with my first business and how we can avoid those mistakes as gym owners, so we can be around for years and decades to come.
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