Ep 073 – How to Pay Your Coaches – a 4/9 Breakdown

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One of the questions I get most often is “how much should I pay my coaches?”

Most coaches are usually paid a standard hourly rate for classes or paid on salary, but there is a lot of debate on how much we should pay coaches for auxiliary services like personal training, programming, nutrition coaching, or specialty classes.
The standard practice in our industry (popularized by Two Brain Business) is to pay coaches 4/9 or about 44% of any incoming revenue that they bring in to the business.  Many owners and coaches believe that this number is way too low, and I’ve even heard of some owners paying as high as 80, 90, or even 100% of all auxiliary revenue to the coaches that are executing those services.
This episode breaks down all the factors that we need to consider when deciding how much to pay our coaches, and what I feel is the ideal percentage for most gym owners to pay their staff in order to provide career opportunities to their coaches, while also protecting the profit margin and long-term sustainability of the business.
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