Ep 075 – Know Your Numbers to Grow Your Numbers

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When we started working with a business coach back in 2017, one of the best things that came about from it was being forced to track monthly numbers, every single month.  It was something we did off and on prior to 2017, but never did it with the consistency and level of detail that we have done ever since.

The magic of tracking your numbers doesn’t usually come from tracking a single month.  The snapshot of a single month can be informative, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.  It’s why a lot of business owners will start tracking and then give up after a month or two.

The magic of tracking your numbers comes from having weeks, months, and years of data to review.  By seeing these trends over stretches of time, you can begin to make key decisions in your business based on data, rather than hear-say or gut feelings.

This episode covers why and how to track your numbers, and which metrics to focus on to grow your business.

We also put together a comprehensive guide for maximizing the financial side of your business, which you can find at

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