Ep 079 – You Deserve to Make Money with John Briggs

By November 18, 2019 No Comments
John Briggs is a rare breed in our industry.  He’s a CPA and tax professional that also happens to be a CrossFit affiliate owner.  He specializes in helping microgyms become profitable, which he shares in his brand new book, coming in January 2020.
The key message of John’s new book, is that we as microgym owners, deserve to make money and make a living off of what we are doing.  And while he shares a ton of tactical tips in this podcast and his new book, the most important hurdle most gym owners need to get over is this mental block that its okay (and necessary) for them to make money for the value they are putting into this world.
This episode covers a range of topics regarding gym ownership, tracking numbers, and mindset.  We even dive into the book writing process near the end of our interview, which I found fascinating.
Listen to this episode below:

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