Ep 082 – Should You Launch a Nutrition Program?

By December 6, 2019 No Comments

While most gym owners would agree that nutrition is at least as important as exercise for helping our clients create results, most owners still aren’t clear if and how they should implement a nutrition program at their gym.

Luckily for us, companies like Healthy Steps Nutrition, Working Against Gravity, and Precision Nutrition are building out plug-and-play solutions that we can add on to our current service offerings.

But adding 1-on-1 nutrition coaching may still not be the best use of resources for most gyms at this time.

In order to run a successful nutrition program, we need to have the right coach to run the program, have regular access to a body fat tracking machine like an InBody, and we need to price the program in a way where it serves the coach, the gym, and the client long-term.   (Most gyms are screwing up the pricing and then ending up in a race to the bottom)

In this episode, we dive deep into how we structure our nutrition programs and pricing at CFPB, why we work with HSN to oversee our program, and how many people you can expect to join your program if you do launch it.


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