Ep 083 – My Favorite Type of Nutrition Challenge

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Over the last 7 years, we’ve run in the ballpark of 15 different types of nutrition challenges at CrossFit Palm Beach.  We’ve run challenges as short as 28 days and as long as 90 days.  We’ve done challenges centered around paleo, macros, lifestyle, and habits.
You name it, we’ve probably done a version of it.
I’m a huge fan of nutrition challenges for getting more clients thinking about their nutrition, getting them to step outside their comfort zone with their dietary habits, and providing a platform for us to educate about nutrition on a deeper level.
This past fall, we ran a successful 28-day nutrition challenge, that was my favorite challenge that we have run so far at CFPB.  It had the perfect mix of group and individual accountability, clients saw great results, and it wasn’t super time consuming on our team.
This episode covers exactly how we structured that challenge, from pricing to prizes.  If you are thinking about running a nutrition challenge to kick off 2020, this is a must listen.
Also, head over to to pick up the exact templates we used to run the challenge in our gym.
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