Ep 084 – Learning From Other Gym Owners with Carl Penney

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In this episode, I sit down with my good friend Carl Penney, who runs CrossFit El Cid in West Palm Beach, FL, which is about a 30-minute drive from our gym, CrossFit Palm Beach.

Carl and I have made it a habit of meeting for lunch or coffee every 3-4 months for the last couple years, regularly trading business ideas or providing a sounding board for each other to work through issues we are facing in the gym.

Our relationship has been vital for me to clarify my ideas, learn what things are working for other successful gyms out there, and to just remind me that I’m not crazy for believing what I believe.

Entrepreneurship and running a gym can feel like a lonely pursuit at times, and I can’t overstate the value of having someone to share the journey with that isn’t your direct business partner or your business coach.

I recommend that every gym owner finds a “Carl” near them that they can vent to and learn from.

This week’s episode will give you a window into what one of our regular conversations might look like, as we dive deep into topics like managing your time, working ON your business instead of IN your business, and dealing with unhappy members.

Watch this episode here:

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