Ep 089 – How We Onboard New Members to Retain Them for Years

By January 25, 2020 No Comments

For years, we often looked at the onboarding process as a way to get people up to speed with the technical movements of CrossFit prior to joining our group classes.

While that is one important piece of the onboarding puzzle, the decision to start your members in personal training vs group fundamentals vs going straight to classes, is not as important as your holistic onboarding system.

We’ve found that its more vital to get new members comfortable with your culture and your community, instead of making it all about thrusters and AMRAPs.

When we think about onboarding new members today, we aim to make a ton of high-quality, individual touch points, that will happen throughout the member’s first 30-60 days.

This episode discusses those various touch points, and explains the why behind our current fundamentals process we use today.

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