Ep 097 – How We’re Handling the Coronavirus

By March 24, 2020 No Comments

We officially closed the doors at CrossFit Palm Beach last week, but we’ve changed our offerings so that we can still serve our members and help them stay healthy in this uncertain time. In this episode I’m sharing what we changed and how we are serving our community.⠀

Some of the services we’re offering are:⠀

1. Remote Programming for CrossFit and BeachFit classes – through SugarWod so that our members can do at-home workouts and still add their scores in and engage with one another in the community⠀

2. Equipment rentals – We’re letting our members borrow our equipment at no cost as long as they take care of what they borrow and return it as soon as we open again. ⠀

3. Accountability Coaching – This is the one thing that will make the greatest impact during this time. Our top priority right now is to keep our members healthy both physically and mentally. This is a tough time for all of us, but some people have lost jobs, childcare, clients and much more. With this offering, our mission is to help our members by keeping them accountable for what they can control. If we can help our members stay active, focus on their nutrition, sleep, hydration etc, then we believe they will be mentally and physically in a better state to handle the stress and uncertainty right now. ⠀

Listen to this episode below:


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