Episode 124 – How We Differentiate Our BeachFit and FTX Programming

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To listen to Episode 124 – How We Differentiate Between BeachFit and FTX Programming, click here:


Whether you run a single type of class at your gym or offer multiple different programs, it’s important to take the time to define what you want the programming and experience to look like for each of those classes.


When it comes to the programming, most micro gym owners focus solely on the effectiveness of the workouts, and not enough on the class experience they are trying to create or the type of clientele they want to attract and retain.


In Episode 124 of the SFB Podcast, I breakdown how we define and distinguish our BeachFit and FTX programs from each other and from other gyms that do functional fitness, to showcase an example of how you can do so within your four walls.


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