Episode 125 – Building Trust, Selling Supplements and Becoming a Content Machine with Jason Rule of Driven Nutrition

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To listen to Episode 125 of the Seven Figure Box Podcast, click here:—Building-Trust–Selling-Supplements–and-Becoming-a-Content-Machine-with-Jason-Rule-of-Driven-Nutrition-ekd70k


I met Jason Rule back in 2016 when we were both attending the Barbell Shrugged Business Mastermind, and have always been impressed with his quiet confidence and consistent execution as he has built an incredibly successful supplement company within the CrossFit space.


Jason has been in the supplement industry for nearly 2 decades and takes a different approach from most supplement companies.  He takes a holistic approach to the supplement business, always making sure he is doing what’s best for the athlete, the coach, the gym owner, and his team.


In this episode, Jason shares a ton of nuggets about how to build consistent and valuable content, develop trust with your customers, and the business advice that has had the most lasting impact on him.


If you want to build retail in your gym, up your content game, or become a more sincere and strong business leader, this episode is for you.



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