Episode 126 – Is PT Vital to Running a Successful Gym?

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A coaching friend of mine recently shot this question over to me via email: “Is Personal Training vital for a gym to be financially successful?”

The simple answer is No. There are successful gyms that run all types of business models.

Places like Orange Theory, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Soul Cycle have been able to grow very successful class-based franchises with little to no personal training. On the flip side, there are lots of smaller personal training studios that have found success without doing any group classes.

For most micro gyms in the CrossFit and functional fitness space, they are trying to run a hybrid model combining PT and group classes, and trying to figure out what the right balance of both is.

My advice is to decide what you want your primary service to be, and make sure that is able to fully support you, your team, and the business, before investing too much time and energy in the other service.

If you are primarily a group-class facility, then your facility should be able to survive and thrive long term, even if you didn’t run a single PT session. Personal training can then serve as a bonus to your revenue and profits, as well as a great way for your coaching staff to create careers for themselves, rather than a bandaid on a poorly run, or poorly priced, group class membership.

Today’s SFB episode breaks this down in detail, and should provide you with a better framework for how to think about personal training’s place in a group class facility.

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