Episode 128 – How to Analyze and Improve a Week of Programming

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Most coaches and gym owners analyze programming based on their own personal preferences.
Does that workout look fun or boring?
Do I like the exercises?
Does the rep scheme look cool?
But being able to analyze programming beyond this surface level is key to creating a balanced program that keeps clients excited and engaged for years to come.
Instead, we should be asking questions like…
What are the primary movement patterns and the volumes of those movement patterns?
Do we have a variety of time domains, intervals, and intensity levels?
Do we have a balance of exercises and workout formats?
Are the rep ranges and ratios appropriate for each exercise?
How will our fastest and slowest athletes fare on this workout?
Will this workout work in our biggest and smallest classes?
When we are able to ask questions like these, we go from seeing a week of workouts in blurry black-and-white, to seeing them in high-definition, full-color, 4k.
In today’s episode, I break down in detail how I analyze a week of programming at our gym, so you can understand how to do the same thing at your gym.  By developing this skill set, you can begin to align your brand with the workouts you put out each day, regardless of whether you run a CrossFit, boot camp, strength-focused, or cardio-based gym.
For the full episode, click here:—How-to-Analyze-and-Improve-a-Week-of-Programming-ele30e

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