Episode 133 – SAY IT TO MY FACE… A Better Way to Create and Uphold Policies at Your Gym

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When we first started our gym, we rejected the policy-laden corporate structure that we saw at most globo gyms.  We aimed to create a more relaxed, “clubhouse” feel, where people would want to hang out for hours on end.


Over time though, we realized that policies weren’t an obstacle to creating a great culture or experience, but the very thing that allowed us to protect and sustain the great culture we already had in place, for the most amount of people.


But adding new policies at will can quickly become overkill, especially if you are trying to eradicate every potential issue that comes up in the gym with a new policy.


And the mistake we see most gym owners make is that they often set policies in private with their team, that they aren’t willing to uphold in public when it’s time to address it 1-on-1 with a member.  This leads to lack of clarity among your team, and a policy that no longer holds any weight.


In this episode, my brother Tony is back on the show with me to discuss all things policies.  We discuss how better coaching can eradicate the need for many policies, and the 3 different types of policies you should consider having at your gym, to maximize team buy-in and create the best experience for your customers.


For the full episode, click here: https://anchor.fm/seven-figure-box/episodes/133—Say-It-To-My-Face—-A-Better-Way-to-Create-and-Uphold-Policies-At-Your-Gym-ena8p8


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