Episode 135 – The Evolution of a CrossFit Coach with MDV of NC.FIT

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Throughout a coach’s career, there is almost always some sort of evolution. In fact, evolution is necessary in order to become a successful coach.

In this episode of the SFB Show, I sat down with Matt DellaValle, Chief Fitness Officer of NC.FIT to discuss the evolution of a coach, and specifically Matt’s personal evolution from CrossFit coach to the coach he is today. He talks about how CrossFit helped shape him into the coach he is now, and why effort, focus and intentionality wherever you’re at can help you grow into the position you’re meant to be in.

Matt also talks about how his corporate skills have helped him in his current position, and how following passion and putting in the effort really can pay off.

For the full episode, click here:—The-Evolution-of-a-CrossFit-Coach-with-MDV-of-NC-FIT-ennqa2

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