Episode 142 – The Path to Wealth and Retirement as a Coach

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When most people think of wealth, they think about amassing large sums of money. But when we really look at the essence of wealth, we are talking about freedom of time and money, not some arbitrary number in a bank account.

When it comes to our coaches, we have 3 main goals as it relates to wealth and retirement:

Find coaches that love what they do so they aren’t chasing retirement. Help those coaches make enough money that they can make a career out of coaching, and don’t need 2nd jobs, or to find a “real career”. Teach them strategies of investing and automating their savings in a way that allows them to choose if and how much they want to work in their twilight years.

When I look at a lot of the career coaches out there, I don’t see many of them retiring in the traditional sense. But that shouldn’t stop them from doing everything in their power to put themselves in a smart position financially where they are never forced to work when they don’t want to.

Today’s episode shares some simple strategies that coaches can start to implement to increase their hourly rate, automate their savings, and put themselves on a path to wealth.

For the full episode, click here:—The-Path-to-Wealth-and-Retirement-as-a-Coach-ep4gtb

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