Episode 146 – How Elon Musk Would Build a Micro Gym

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When most of us started our gyms, so many of the decisions we made were based on what others were doing or expecting.
Pricing – What does the gym down the street charge for their memberships?
Programming – How does Ben Bergeron or Jason Khalipa or CrossFit mainsite program their workouts?
Staffing – What’s the going rate for coaching group classes?
Instead of making decisions based on first principles, we often reason by analogy, blindly accept the assumptions of what other gyms are doing.
One entrepreneur who is known for his visionary and first principles thinking, is Elon Musk.  When Elon started SpaceX, he questioned the assumption in the space industry that rockets couldn’t be reusable, and now he’s building rockets that are.
As we look forward to a world post-COVID, now is the perfect time to rethink your gym from a first principles perspective.
  • What does the perfect gym look like if we built it from scratch?
  • What outcomes do we really want to create in people’s lives?
  • What kind of life do I want this business to provide for me and my team?
  • What would I have to charge in order to support this type of gym?

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