Episode 147 – Immersion Experience Takeaways with Dayne Toney and Josh Rempel of Targhee Athletics

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This week I had the awesome opportunity to have Josh Rempel and Dayne Toney, owners of Targhee Athletics, here at FitTown Jupiter.

They traveled all the way from Driggs, Idaho to join my team and me, learning the ins and outs of our business.

Dayne and Josh started Targhee Athletics (formerly Targhee CrossFit) 8 years ago, and also run Enduro Method, a subscription based service solely online for enduro and dirt bike riders. They’re passionate about both of these businesses, but felt stuck after covid and needed the inspiration, excitement and love for business back.

In this episode, I give you all a sneak peek into what the Seven Figure Box Immersion Experience looks like, and talk to Dayne and Josh about the key takeaways they’re leaving with after this week. We’ll also narrow down some of the ideas that have been thrown at them over the last 5 days to hopefully implement at home.

For the full episode, click here: https://anchor.fm/seven-figure-box/episodes/147—Immersion-Experience-Takeaways-with-Dayne-Toney-and-Josh-Rempel-of-Targhee-Athletics-er54tb

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