Episode 148 – Live Your Life on the Offense with Markus Gerszi of Alpha Hippie

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Markus Gerszi is back on the show again to discuss his new project, Alpha Hippie.  Markus has been one of the most influential people in the CrossFit business space over the last decade, and has been a great mentor for us over the years in building FitTown Jupiter.

When we was originally on the show (Episode 054), he was working with Gymwright and was transitioning to launching his own brand to help gym owners, Gym Breakthrough.

While Markus was tremendously successful helping other gym owners grow their business, his real passion is helping people build themselves.  He always found himself coaching the person more than the business, and has stepped fully into that role with Alpha Hippie.

In this episode, Markus shares how he was able to break through some of his own limiting patterns, and how he now helps Men live their life with clarity and purpose so they can be better business owners, husbands, and Dads.

For the full episode, click here:—Live-Your-Life-on-Offense-with-Markus-Gerszi-of-Alpha-Hippie-erjss6

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