Episode 149 – Be the Coach Your Clients Need You to Be

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Whenever we coach a group class, our goal should be to deliver 3-5X the value that our clients are paying for that class.  If the average person pays you $10-15 per class, how can you make sure that they leave everyday with $50+ in value?
Great coaches do this by excelling in 5 key roles; the cheerleader, the director, the technician, the programmer, and the coach.  They seamlessly transition from maintaining the flow and energy of the group (the macro), with the needs and connection to each individual (the micro).
They also realize that different clients have a greater thirst and need for different types of coaches.  Some clients need a coach who is a great cheerleader, while others need someone who is a great technician.
The type of a coach that a client needs, will often evolve as the client’s knowledge and experience level grows.
In today’s episode, I discuss how the roles of the Rockstar Coach can be applied differently based on where each client is in their journey with us.  You’ll learn how to assess each class you coach, to make sure that every client in that class is getting what they paid for and a lot more.
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