Episode 151 – Are You Feeling Pigeon-Holed In Your Programming?

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Have you ever felt restricted with your programming or workout designs?


Are there movements or workout formats that you have considered programming for your clients, but you decide against because they don’t seem sexy enough, or are outside of what you would have typically programmed in the past?


About a month ago, we had the realization that we were starting to feel boxed-in with our programming.


Coming from a CrossFit background, it can be easy to skew our programming towards exercises that have shown up only in the CrossFit Open/Games, or only do workouts that give our clients the endorphin rush they get when they are flat on their back at the end of a workout.


But as coaches who are trying to do what’s right for our clients, we know that’s not the ideal approach.


Over the last few weeks, we’ve redefined what our programming needs to look like to give our clients the most well-rounded version of fitness, that serves them for the entire 23 hours of the day, not just the hour they are with us.


In this episode, we discuss how we’ve put that into action, and specific workout formats that we’ve started incorporating that we may have programmed less or avoided altogether in the past.

For the full episode, click here:—Are-You-Feeling-Pigeon-Holed-with-your-Programming-eskkrr


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