Episode 154 – 8 Ways for Coaches to Avoid Burnout

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On our mission to help professionalize the coach and provide career opportunities to coaches, we’ve found¬†that one of the biggest obstacles to creating career coaches is burnout.


Burnout can show up in a number of different ways.


Sometimes it is self-inflicted by successful coaches who don’t prioritize their schedule or don’t communicate well with their gym owners about their needs.¬† Other times, coaches are in a bad situation, and need to move on to a gym that values them and is willing to compensate them accordingly.


Ultimately, it takes intentionality from both the coach and the gym owner to help coaches avoid burnout.


In today’s episode, FitTown Head Coach Austin Bettigrew is back on the show with Andrew to share 8 ways coaches can avoid burnout.


For the full episode, click here: https://anchor.fm/seven-figure-box

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