Episode 157 – Getting Your Coaches Involved in the Sales Process with Brittany Welk

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Many gym owners want to help their coaches make a career out of coaching, but struggle to help them build their book of business.

If the gym is solely responsible for selling clients personal training packages and individualized programming, it will be a constant uphill battle for both the coaches and the gym owners to create careers.

Sales is often the missing link, but most coaches have an aversion to anything that appears like selling.

But if coaches can learn just a few basic communication and sales skills, it can mean the difference between being a part-time coach that needs to find a real job, or a coach that gets to make a lifelong career out of doing what they love.

In this episode, Brittany Welk of LadyStrong Fitness is back on the show to discuss ways to get coaches involved in the sales process.  We talk about how to get coaches involved with signing up new members, how to find clients in the class setting that would be a great fit for 1-on-1 training, and how selling is really just an extension of great coaching.

For the full episode, click here:—Getting-Your-Coaches-Involved-in-the-Sales-Process-with-Brittany-Welk-eu1m1b

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