Episode 158 – How to Attract and Retain Ideal Clients

By April 6, 2021 No Comments
A couple weekends ago, I went to a local coffee shop, and was surprised to see how in-your-face and aggressive some of their policies and signage was.
There’s nothing wrong with having rules or policies that hold your customers to a standard, but we should never get so focused on preventing issues from happening, that it takes us away from creating an experience that ideal clients will love.
Or said another way, we shouldn’t allow the issues of 5-10% of our customers, take away from creating an amazing experience for the 95%.
As coaches, sometimes we let the 1 late member, the “competitive” athlete who shaves reps, or the couple that isn’t paying attention when you’re talking, distract us from helping the group to the best of our abilities.  We speak and act more towards what we are trying to prevent or fix, rather than what we are trying to create.
In today’s episode, I share some quick thoughts about how to approach your classes and your business in a way that will create and retain more ideal clients, instead of trying to fix the ones who aren’t.
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