Episode 159 – Don’t Be a Cheerleader, Be THIS Instead

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I often hear from coaches who will share how they despise just being a cheerleader when they are coaching group classes.  They tend to only enjoy classes if there is a lot of technical aspects to coach, and get bored or burnt out when the workouts tend to be simpler or more cardio-based.
I’ll be honest, whenever I feel like I am just being a cheerleader in class, I feel the same way.
I haven’t dedicated the last decade of my life to health and fitness just to yell “good job” to a group of 15 athletes who just want to break a sweat.
I want to feel like I am giving value to each client, and I want each client to come away from every class feeling like they got their money’s worth.
But I also believe that the cheerleader role is a foundational aspect of all great coaches, and that most coaches are just approaching it wrong.
In today’s episode, I share how team sports has shaped my view on being a cheerleader with our clients.  Instead of focusing on yelling random encouragements to members, I try to embody the traits of great teammates that I played with in years of baseball, soccer, and basketball growing up.
For the full episode, click here:—Dont-Be-a-Cheerleader–Be-THIS-Instead-eue8bp

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