Episode 160 – How to Coach Your Veteran Clients Better

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Once a client has been a member with us for 3, 5 or 10 years, their goals and the type of coaching they need will have to evolve with them.


The typical path for most gyms has been to try to give them more advanced or individualized programming, but for someone who loves being a part of the group setting, this isn’t always the best solution.


In our experience, you can continue to provide a ton of value to your veteran members within the context of your normal classes, but it requires you to approach them differently than you would your beginning and intermediate athletes.


You can’t just give them the same “knees out” cue that you’ve given them a thousand times and expect them to not tune you out or ignore you.


In today’s episode, FitTown Head Coach Austin Bettigrew is back on the show to discuss 4 ways that we can add value to veteran members within the daily class experience, and how to avoid the 2 most common patterns that veterans coaches get stuck doing.


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