Episode 162 – Live Sales Training with Our FitTown Team

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Today’s episode is very different than what I normally do.

We set up a camera and microphone to record a live sales training session we did with our general manager, Melissa, and our front desk manager, Rachel.

Rachel is going to be taking on more no-sweat intros at FitTown Jupiter, and we wanted to record and share our training with her.

This episode starts with a mock no-sweat intro with Rachel pretending to be the new client, and myself running the No Sweat Intro.  You’ll get an idea of what it’s like to be in that intro process, and then you’ll hear the analysis of how we felt it went.  I believe the most beneficial part of this episode is the feedback that Melissa provides after.

If you want to improve at sales, get better at your intro process, or if you’re ready to start training your team to take on more of the sales process, this episode is for you.

For the full episode, click here:—Live-Sales-Training-with-Our-FitTown-Team-ev5bna

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