Episode 165 – Does a Lesson Plan Suppress Fun and Creativity in Your Coaches?

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I have a lot of conversations with gym owners regarding the importance of lesson plans. Often times gym owners express hesitation in requiring structured lesson plans, because they feel it takes away from the coach’s ability to bring their own personality, creativity, and unique coaching skill set to the table.


For years, my brother Tony resisted certain elements of organization and structure, because he didn’t want to come off as a drill sergeant or like he wasn’t a fun coach to be around.

Whether it’s staging the gym, requiring coaches to dress a certain way, or following a structured lesson plan that is consistent from the first class of the day to the last, these elements of organization actually are a gateway to more personality and creativity, not less.


In today’s episode, I sit down with my brother Tony Frezza to discuss all things lesson plans, including why they’re important, and how to keep them fun and avoid over-structuring.


For the full episode, click here:—Does-a-Lesson-Plan-Suppress-Fun-and-Creativity-in-Your-Coaches-e10637f

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