Episode 166 – Leveraging Virtual Assistants to Scale Your Gym with Scott Rammage and Josh Price

By May 7, 2021 No Comments

Most gym owners are trying to wear too many hats, and end up doing a mediocre job at most things.

The owners who realize they are taking on too much will often offload a lot of these administrative tasks to their coaches, only to realize that their coaches are even worse than they are at most non-coaching tasks.

The owner ends up wasting a ton of time and energy trying to micromanage their team, instead of getting the right people in place that will excel in these roles.

In today’s episode, I talk to Josh and Scott from VAs for gyms, to talk about how gym owners can leverage virtual professionals to run their social media, take over their admin, and remove their most time-sucking tasks.

For the full episode, click here: https://anchor.fm/seven-figure-box/episodes/166—Leveraging-Virtual-Assistants-to-Scale-Your-Gym-with-Scott-Rammage-and-Josh-Price-e10eehl

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