Episode 167 – How to Retain Nutrition Clients with Danielle Bettigrew

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Many gyms have nutrition coaching as an option for clients, but most struggle to gain clients or to retain them once they’ve signed up.

Danielle Bettigrew has been our nutrition coach at FitTown Jupiter for the past 3 years, and has helped hundreds of our members transform their bodies and lifestyles through nutrition.

Recently, Danielle decided to up her game by signing up for her own 1-on-1 nutrition coach.  What she found is that her experience lacked a personal feel and accountability.  That disappointment she felt as a client has already helped her become a better coach.

Today, Danielle joins the show to discuss the approach she takes in coaching her clients, why she doesn’t advise counting macros for everyone, and how she builds honest and personal relationships with her clients.

She discusses how a client may evolve in their first 90 days, why it’s important to celebrate small victories with them, and how to recognize when a client is going off track or losing enthusiasm.

For the full episode, click here:—How-to-Retain-More-Nutrition-Clients-e10qu7v

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