Episode 168 – Finding Your Dream Job in the Fitness Industry

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As we are currently in the process of hiring our next coach at FitTown Jupiter, it’s become obvious that I have a very specific standard for what we are looking for in that next coach.

We want someone who is a team player, we want someone who has experience and perspective, but most importantly we want someone who is psyched to work for FitTown for the next several decades.
Similar to an intimate relationship, we’re only looking to date you if we think there’s a chance we’re going to marry you at some point.¬† If you want a short-term fling, you can look somewhere else.
Most of our excitement in wanting to hire you as a coach, is derived from your excitement of wanting to join our team.
For those of you that know you love working in the fitness industry and believe that coaching could be a career or calling for you, do the hard work to create clarity on what that ideal path might look like for you.
In today’s episode, I elaborate on what it means to create clarity, find your calling, and separate yourself from the pack when your dream job shows up.
For the full episode, click here:—Finding-Your-Dream-Job-in-the-Fitness-Industry-e1195bm

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