Episode 169 – Road to 70k as a Coach (Part 1)

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We believe that full-time career coaches should be able to earn $70K per year within their first 5 years of coaching full-time.

Why $70K?

Because this is a number that will allow coaches to make coaching a long-term and sustainable career where they can cover all their basic needs, buy a house, and support a family in most areas of the world.

In order to get to these numbers, coaches need to have a basic understanding of math, an appetite to develop their skills, and a whole lot of patience along the way.

Having a love for fitness, and a passion for helping others is the bare minimum.

In part 1 of this 2-part episode, we discuss how to go from a brand-new coach, to a full-time coach making at least $40K per year, to a career coach making at least $70K per year.

We talk about why it’s so hard to make fitness a sustainable career, and why patience is one of the most important traits you can harness along the way.

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